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Difference Between Electric and Hybrid Cars

In today’s world, pollution is a big problem. For many American’s, they are looking for ways that they can help reduce pollution to give us a cleaner planet. One of the biggest culprits is our vehicles. With so much driving by so many people, ordinary citizens are looking for a way to curb this pollution. Two of the best alternatives to this problem are Hybrid and Electric vehicles. We will dive in and look at the differences and similarities between Electric and Hybrid cars.


When comparing Hybrid and Electric vehicles concerning pollution, Electric vehicles win hands down. They omit absolutely no pollution into the air. However, Electric cars are the only option in this category. For those people who need something bigger like a van or a sports utility vehicle, there are not any Electric versions available. The same can be said for pickups. In this case, a Hybrid vehicle is the best these people can do to reduce the amount of pollution on the roads in America today. There are so many hybrid vehicles for sale, that just about anyone can find the right car or truck for their driving needs.


If you are looking for more power or the ability to quickly accelerate once again there is no comparison between these options. This time, Hybrid vehicles win hands down. You see an Electric car only has so much power since it is completely battery operated. So, if you have a boat to pull, or have lots of children and feel you need the ability to accelerate quickly to avoid accidents and keep your family safe, the only clear choice are Hybrid cars. The reason is it still has a fully combustible engine which gives you all the power you need, but then switches to battery mode when you don’t need it.

Travel Distance

Perhaps one of the greatest differences between Electric cars and Hybrid vehicles is the distance you can drive. If you are simply driving to and from work every day, an Electric vehicle might be a great choice. Although many of them are limited to 100 to 150 miles per charge, most jobs are within this range even when you tabulate the miles to work and back home. If you do longer range driving, or like to go on road trips, only a Hybrid vehicle would work for you. This is because you can fill up your car with gasoline and while you are driving, the battery automatically recharges, giving you greater distances to travel.


When comparing Hybrid vs Electric there are some similarities. Both have an electric part of the engine. The biggest difference is the Hybrid has its own recharging system built into the engine, where the Electric automobile gets all of its power from an external power source. Plus, with these autos, you are limited to how far you can drive and how long it takes to recharge your car so you can continue using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Vehicles

As you can see there are lots of similarities and differences when comparing Hybrid and Electric vehicles. We hope this information is helpful to you when you are making your next vehicle purchase. It is important to have all of the facts.