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2012 Hybrid Cars - Compare Best Hybrid Cars 2012

You may have heard the cliché "necessity is the mother of invention." Hybrid cars were invented for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons was the continual rise in the cost of fuel. Fuel efficiency has become a much more important factor when it comes to new cars. The more miles you get per gallon, the less you end up paying at the pump. 2012 hybrid cars are one of the answers to these rising costs. As you compare the best hybrid cars of 2012, you will find they all offer some help in that area.

Air quality has also become a driving force in the design of new cars. Fossil fuel emissions from our vehicles do add to the problem of pollution. Over the last decade, ever increasing government regulations mandated that cars become more fuel efficient. Cars and other vehicles must now meet higher standards for emissions. Fewer pollutants can be emitted into the atmosphere. Thus we have an urgency for cleaner burning engines. The hybrid cars made in 2012 are meeting these high standards. Environmentalists continue to push towards fossil free fuel to clean up air quality. Hybrid cars and hybrid SUVs are definitely a step in the right direction.

This emphasis has propelled the new car industry in a number of directions. One of those directions was the development of hybrid cars. The word hybrid indicates a mixture of two or more items. In the case of cars, a hybrid car has a mixture of fuel sources. The primary source still remains gasoline. For most hybrid cars, the second source of power is electrical, which is generated by the engine while it is running, and is stored within its battery packs. This electrical energy then assists the car to be driven down the road with less gasoline consumption. Hybrid cars combine an electric motor and a small gasoline engine for the purpose of driving the vehicle.

Comparing Hybrid Cars

There are actually other types of hybrid cars, but they aren’t as popular in today’s market. These new hybrid cars are found more in Europe. Hybrid vehicles that use both gasoline and propane are referred to as bi-fuel cars, which in reality are hybrid cars. Kia has released its new Picanto Bi-fuel compact car in Europe which runs on both gasoline and propane (LPG). According to Kia, this car can travel more than 370 miles on a full tank of LPG and about 100 miles on a full tank of gasoline. The Picanto initially starts on gasoline and then switches over to propane as the car warms up. The reason it starts with gasoline is to heat up the catalysts before they kick in. With this car, there is much less fossil fuel emission. This technology was developed due to Europe’s ultra-strict emissions laws.

There are other types of hybrid vehicles as well. There are vegetable oil and diesel vehicles along with solar & electric, or solar and battery. In reality, these are all hybrid cars. But the typical definition of a hybrid car is one that is powered by the combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor. Hybrid cars that use battery power normally utilize a rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack.

Best Hybrid Cars

The popularity of hybrid cars has increased dramatically over the last decade. The Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid, along with the Honda Civic Hybrid are among the most popular. Because so many have become environmentally minded, hybrid technology has gained momentum. Even manufacturers of luxury cars have introduced hybrid vehicles. Lexus has a number of hybrid vehicles on the market. Even luxury hybrid SUVs, such as the Cadillac Escalade are now available in a hybrid model. These cars primarily run on gasoline, but are assisted by electric current that is supplied by the battery pack.  An added benefit of the hybrid SUVs with 3rd row seating is the added flexibility, which allows the hauling of additional passengers or cargo, which ever is needed at the time. With this combination of fuel systems, there are two positive outcomes; fuel efficiency is improved, and engine exhaust emissions are reduced. 

There are a few “all electric” cars on the market today. These vehicles use only electricity to power them. Electric cars aren’t a hybrid vehicle but would be classified an alternative vehicle (meaning alternative to fossil fuel). With the electric car, internal batteries must be recharged periodically as the electrical charge is depleted. This is called a near zero emissions car since an electric motor emits almost no pollutants into the air. But there are some serious drawbacks with electric cars. First, they only have a driving range of about 100 miles before they need to be recharged. Secondly, they take quite a bit of time to recharge. Even if you had “fueling stations” scattered around the country, the down time required for recharging is excessive. The other thing to remember is that these cars use expensive electrical power, so how much money do they really save? Also remember, much of this electricity used to charge their batteries is generated by fossil sources, which in turn cause pollution.

So what makes the 2012 hybrid cars so appealing to the car buyer?

Generally speaking, hybrid cars get better gas mileage. This is due to a smaller, more efficient gasoline engine in conjunction with an electronic motor. Hybrid cars save the most energy during acceleration, cruising, and while breaking. As the gasoline engine is running, the battery is charged. This energy is stored for when it is needed the most. As the car needs a boost of energy during acceleration, the electric motor kicks in and draws that power from the battery. As a result, the car doesn’t need a larger engine running all the time, taking from the fuel supply. The only time the gas engine is needed is while cruising, or when more power is needed to power the electric motor, lights, climate control, or any other electronic system. Hybrid cars are more environmentally friendly as they consume less fuel. But they provide a sufficient amount of power for highway driving.

There is a misconception by many about hybrid cars. Many believe you need to plug in a hybrid car to charge the battery pack. This is not the case. There is no electrical cord used for charging. The battery is simply charged whenever the gas engine is engaged.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars 2012

1.     Hybrid cars cut down on air pollution – These vehicles cut down on harmful pollutants being emitted into our atmosphere due to their small efficient engines and their use of electric motors. They are therefore more environmentally friendly.


2.    They save on gas consumption – with conservative driving habits, the amount of fuel savings increases. At an average, hybrid cars save on the consumption of gas by at least 15%. With proper driving habits, that can be even more.


3.    There are tax incentives for buying a hybrid vehicle.


4.    Hybrid cars retain a higher resale value – When trading or selling a previously owned hybrid car, you can be sure you will get top dollar for your used hybrid, as long as it’s been kept in good condition.


5.    Efficiency and performance defines what a hybrid car is – Due to the smaller engine and a backup power source of an electric motor, these cars perform better and are therefore more efficient.


6.    Hybrid car technology continues to improve, making it a very viable solution to much of the transportation dilemma. These cars consume less fuel and are cleaner burning vehicles. This helps to protect our environment.

A 2012 hybrid car may cost you more on your initial investment, but will make up for the added cost over the life of the vehicle in fuel savings. When you are comparing the price of hybrid cars to a standard car, it is wise to get quotes on like models. For example, when looking at a Civic Hybrid, compare its price tag to the price of a gas powered Civic. Since you are comparing Civics, you may want to also compare the 2012 CNG cars for sale. The Civic GX is a natural gas car. By calculating the difference in price, you will be able to see more clearly what your savings is in the long run by going hybrid. 

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